• Orangutan, Ketambe

    Photo credit: A. Wright

  • Eucalyptus Plantation, Sumatra

    Photo credit: Canopy Crossover Productions

  • Forest Canopy, Ketambe

    Photo credit: A. Wright

  • Elephants, Tangkahan

    Photo credit: A. Wright

  • River, Ketambe

    Photo credit: A. Wright

The Ecology Trust

Addressing the causes of environmental harm

The Ecology Trust was set up in 2003 and is a grant-making trust regulated by the Charity Commission.

Over the years the Trust has made grants to support a range of environmental projects, often with a focus on addressing the causes of environmental harm, rather than alleviating the symptoms. These have included projects seeking to curb tropical deforestation, and to address other drivers of climate change.

The Trust has also incubated a number of initiatives, including:
Environmental Funders Network (EFN)
Ibiza Preservation Foundation

EFN members learning about rewilding

Photo credit: Jane Cabutti

How we fund projects

The Trust is unusual in that it doesn’t have an endowment. It relies for its income on grants and donations from individuals and other philanthropic organisations. The Trust then supports initiatives that correspond to these donations.

As a result, the trust is unable to respond to unsolicited funding applications. Please don’t submit unsolicited applications as you are unlikely to receive a reply.

We proactively contact organisations working on issues that fit with the resources donated to the Trust.

Ibiza's iconic almond trees

Photo credit: Jon Izeta

How to contact The Ecology Trust

To contact the Trust directly please use this form

Please note that we cannot respond to unsolicited funding applications as we are trying to minimise administrative costs.

You can access the Trust’s latest annual accounts on the Charity Commission website.

Charity Number: 1099222